Willospon® is a sterile, absorbable gelatine sponge that offers powerful haemostatic properties

For more than 50 years, gelatine sponge Willospon® has repeatedly proven their excellent haemostatic properties in all surgical procedures and wond healing. Dispensed as sterile absorbable sponges, Willospon® is used for controlling oozing bleedings when conventional haemostasis is tough to realise and when the use of non-absorbable material is undesirable.

Since Willospon® is already gamma-sterilized, it should not be resterilized. Double packed for operating theatre cleanliness, the final packaging is presented in ready-to-use form to the surgeon, who can take it with dry sterile gloves and/or instruments. The sponge is easily cut to fit the bleeding surface and may be directly applied to the wound using pressure. The origin and degree of bleeding will determine the precise time and number of sponges required for haemostasis.

For wound treatment
In wound treatment, ulcers must first be debrided. Willospon® can then be placed according to desired size, with or without specific solutions.

As a drug application vehicle
Willospon® can be used together with antibiotics, chemotherapeutics or thrombin without any reduction in its haemostatic properties. When placed in situ, where it may remain once the necessary aseptic precautions have been taken, Willospon® can be saturated with the applicable medicine.